Food Preservation: Canning for Beginners

Interested in learning to preserve your own food? “Food Preservation: Canning for Beginners” is part of a series of skill-building community classes offered in partnership with ‘Community Thrive 365’ in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The series is intended to teach attendees practical do-it-yourself skills that promote health, financial savings, and general self-reliance. The class is divided into thee parts. In part one, Amy shares about her personal experience learning to preserve food. She discusses [...]


Budgeting with Digital Envelopes

If you have learned to be self-disciplined in your personal finances and have discovered the money-saving benefits of zero-balance budgeting, consider “kicking it up a notch” for even greater balance-building, money-making momentum. In this episode, Amy discusses the advantages of digitizing the cash-envelope system, and even how to turn it into a passive income in the process.


Staying on Top of Laundry on the Homestead

Do you have trouble staying on top of the dreaded laundry pile? If you take a moment to analyze your approach, you may find that you are wasting a lot of time doing unnecessary steps. In this episode, inspired by a practical laundry “hack” by an experienced mother of 13 from the “Real Mom Real Solutions” YouTube channel, Amy discusses how she has successfully redeemed hours of time every week by applying a few simple solutions.


Two Ways to a Man’s Heart

Men and women are different, and that’s okay. It’s how God made us. Benefiting from the counsel of her mom, trusted women in her life, and good old fashioned personal experience, Amy shares her discovery of what two practical expressions of love win a husband’s heart. The wife looking to bless her man should never forget the influence of a good, old fashioned home cooked meal, and a well prepared romantic “dessert” afterward.


Following Your Husband into Strange Lands

When Abraham was called by God to leave his home in Ur and to move to a new land to settle in, the Bible says “he went out, not knowing where he was going” (Hebrews 11:8). This act of blind trust in God’s plan not only spoke to the strength of Abraham’s faith, but to Sarah’s faith as well in her commitment to follow Abraham. In this episode, Amy shares her own experience of trusting God by [...]


Budgeting with Cash Envelopes

Regardless of the size of your income, you can benefit from a budget. If you struggle with debt and have a tendency to charge on your credit card more than you earn in your paycheck, you can especially benefit from the cash-envelope system of budgeting. In this episode, Amy discusses the basics and benefits of using the cash-envelope system, and mentions two bonus strategies you can use to gain better control of your finances.


Healing Burns and Wounds with Guest Joy Durand

Accidents happen. When they do, it is best to have a well-stocked medicine kit ready to go. In this episode, Amy and her sister Joy Durand discuss stories of a severe burn and a nasty wound suffered in the family, and the effective results of applying an all-natural “Healing Salve” developed by the Amish.


How to Make Soap: A Beginner’s Guide

Tired of searching for the perfect bar of soap to meet your family’s specific needs? In this episode, Amy explains the step-by-step process of making your own soap using the simplest recipe from the beginning steps of purchasing ingredients and needed tools all the way to learning how to formulate your own recipe using a Saponification chart. Once you understand the basic process and mathematical equations, the skies the limit on what soaps you can make as [...]

Artistry vs. Functionality: Why We Make it the Way We Do

Artistry vs. Functionality: Why We Make It The Way We Do

I have a lot of respect for artisans who can make beautiful-looking soap. The colors, textures, and shapes that I’ve seen some of them produce are truly pieces of art, worthy of being showcased in a professional gallery. These soaps make excellent gifts and decorative additions to any home. However, when I shop for (or make my own) soap for everyday use, I don’t need something to hang on my wall, but a “work horse” I can [...]

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