Food Preservation: Canning for Beginners

Food Preservation: Canning for Beginners

“Food Preservation: Canning for Beginners” is part of a series of skill-building community classes offered in partnership with ‘Community Thrive 365’ in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The series is intended to teach attendees practical do-it-yourself skills that promote health, financial savings, and general self-reliance. The class is divided into thee parts.

In part one, Amy shares about her personal experience learning to preserve food. She discusses the value of knowing such a useful skill and the common methods of doing it. She also shares a brief history of the canning method in particular.

In part two, she talks about the tools, equipment, and science of canning.

In part three, she demonstrates how to can two simple and staple items in a family’s food pantry, namely beans and chicken.

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