The Prayer Closet and the Christian Home | Prayer and Personal Devotions

“What a man is alone on his knees before God, that he is—and no more.” More important than the impression you give to your church family on Sunday or to your social media friends throughout the week is the impression you make at home approaching God in private prayer. In this episode, Tim talks about the important role of sincere, “un-photoshopped” prayer in the Christian Home and how God expects us to practice this spiritual discipline behind [...]


The Bedroom and the Christian Home | Sex and Intimacy

The health a nation is influenced by the health of the church, the health of the church is influenced by the health of the home, and the health of the home is influenced by the health of the marriage bed. In this episode Tim talks about the importance of marital intimacy in the life of the Christian Home, and practical steps husbands and wives can be taking to improve this aspect of their marriages.


The Living Room and the Christian Home | Entertainment and Leisure

The biblical practice of rest is generally accepted as an important means of grace by the average Christian family. The role that entertainment plays in the process of that rest, on the other hand, continues to be a topic of much debate. In this episode, Tim talks about the biblical categories of leisure and entertainment in the Christian home, and seeks to strike a balance between one’s free enjoyment of “all the fruits of the garden” and [...]


The Dining Room and the Christian Home | Fellowship and Hospitality

Sharing a meal together with your family, fellow believers, and even total strangers can be a biblical way of expressing your faith and an evidence of God’s grace in your life. In this episode, Tim talks about the role of the Kitchen and Dining Room in the Christian home and how God uses them to foster fellowship and hospitality in the Christian family, as well as to bless those sharing a meal together with the different food choices [...]


The Front Door and the Christian Home | Ministry and Missions

While it’s true Jesus puts a priority on the home, the Bible never once suggests the home is his top priority. In this episode, continuing a Bible-study walk through of “the Christian home,” Tim discusses the coming and going of those in the Christian family and notices how they treat their home not like their ultimate home at all, but more as a kind of temporary “home-base” for ministry and kingdom purposes.


The Christian Home | An Introduction

What sets a Christian home apart from any other home in a neighborhood? In this episode, Tim introduces a Bible-study style series in which he sets out to take a room-by-room tour of the model Christian home acknowledging, first and foremost, God’s sovereign grace that makes it his.


Reading More by Reading Less

A love for reading and the proof of being “well read” doesn’t require a person to own, or to have even read through, a large stack of books. Quality over quantity should always be the ideal standard, including in the practice of reading. In this episode, Tim talks about a minimalist approach to reading and shares the story of his decision to purge most of the books in his personal library out of a desire to create a [...]


Cottage Food Laws in Arkansas | 2021 Edition

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur in Arkansas with a desire to sell your homemade food items without a permit, you need to learn about the state’s Cottage Food laws. In this episode, Tim gives an update to the law from Arkansas’ 2021 Legislative Session with the passage of Act 306 and the allowance of internet sales for cottage food business owners.

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