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Arrivederci, Rust Stains!

I thankfully don't have a psycho standing behind my shower curtain wielding a knife, but I swear I can hear the high-pitched "ee-ee-ee" every time that shower curtain swings open to reveal the ghastly rust stains covering the tub and shower walls. Ugh!  Thanks to the lovely well water, I have the joy of battling constant stains.

I've tried using the all-natural cleaners and scrubbers along with commercial grade cleaners...NOTHING worked!!  Then one day my sister handed me a can of "Bar Keeper's Friend" and the victory over stains became mine.

Using a damp towel and a sprinkle of Bar Keeper's Friend, I'm able to quickly wipe away the stains inside the tub and porcelain sink with the barest amount of elbow grease. Hard to believe that what used to take half a bottle of the pricey commercial cleaners and a boat load of time and scrubbing can now be done in a few minutes without breaking a sweat!

Oh, and it doesn't gag you with an overpowering chemical smell.  Yay!  In fact, it barely smells at all.

Some other ways this amazing little powder has been used in my house is removing mineral stains off my dishes, inside the dishwasher, kitchen sink, bottom of the oven, glass stove top, crayon drawings on my walls, as well as removing any stains you would otherwise use a Magic Eraser.

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