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Sheep and Goats


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Looking for a breed of sheep that is well-suited for small farms and free-range grazing, and produces delicious lamb chops?  Look no further than the Dorper sheep. Originally developed in South Africa in the 1930s, the Dorper is a hardy breed known for its adaptability and excellent meat quality.

Dorpers are a crossbreed of the Blackhead Persian and Dorset Horn breeds, and they are well-suited for grazing in a variety of environments, including open pastures and wooded areas. They are a medium-sized breed, with rams weighing up to 250 pounds and ewes up to 200 pounds. Dorper sheep are also known for their fast growth and high fertility rates, making them an ideal choice for breeding.

As a hair sheep breed, Dorper sheep don’t have the traditional wool coat that other sheep breeds possess. Instead, they have a short, fine hair that naturally sheds during specific times of the year.  While their hair is soft and durable, they are not raised primarily for their coats.

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