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Our handcrafted toothbrush/toothpaste holders are a perfect rustic accent to add to your bathroom counter.  Each holder is made with either solid or laminate pressed natural wood and finished with a durable high gloss polyurethane coating.  Our selection includes Cedar, Cypress, Pine, Poplar, Oak, and Walnut options.  Color and grain patterns may vary from sample photos due to the nature of wood.  Each of our holders have slight variations in their overall dimensions, but on average are roughly 5” tall and 3 to 4” square.  The center hole is 2-1/8” diameter, which easily accommodates a full-sized toothpaste tube.  The two adjoining holes are 1” in diameter, which accommodates standard and non-standard toothbrush grips/handles.  All holes are bored 3-1/2” to 4” deep. Holders include 4 adhesive pads for the buyer to stick to the bottom to protect countertops from scratching and prevent contact with water puddling.

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All of our handcrafted toothbrush/toothpaste holders are constructed in the home woodshop of Ranie Sturba, d/b/a “Time for Woodworking,” a friend and partner of the Kinnard Homestead.  The bulk of his production is done on weekends and occasional weeknights, though his long-term goal is to increase productivity as well as versatility as his small business grows.

His long-time fascination has been wooden gear clocks made before 1840.  With future plans to expand his woodshop and equipment selection, including the addition of a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router, Ranie hopes to incorporate the construction of these clocks in his product lineup.

With credit going to his wife, Peggy, for coming up with the “Time for Woodworking” moniker and encouraging him to pursue his woodworking passion, Ranie enjoys tinkering in his woodshop to make quality products as he’s able to find a little extra “time for woodworking.”

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 in

Cedar-Natural-Log, Oak-Solid-Block, Pine-Solid-Block, Walnut-Solid Block, Cypress-Laminate-Block, Poplar-Laminate-Block

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