Dental Repair

Dental Repair


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Dental Repair is one of our favorite powerhouse formulas! It may be useful for relieving and
possibly healing toothaches, cavities, gum disease, mouth sores, infections, abscesses, and
weak tooth enamel.

Black walnut hull is an excellent source of iodine, potassium, and silicon
among other minerals. It has been commonly used to treat bruising, bacteria, fungal infections,
some types of parasites, thyroid deficiencies, inflammation, and wound injury. In our combined
formula, white oak bark, horsetail, and peppermint can be astringent and antiseptic while
marshmallow root can work as an emollient to soothe irritations and inflammations. Because
black walnut hull is such a potent remedy, do not use for more than 4-6 weeks at a time with a
two-month break between treatments. Our Herbal Calcium may be used during those two
months to help progress the strengthening and healing of the teeth and gums. Please note: this
extract does not work for everyone. If you do not see any improvement, please visit your
dentist soon. Please do not use while pregnant or nursing.

Suggested Use:  Shake well.  Add extract to 2 Tbsp. of water, swish in mouth, and swallow.

  • Toddlers: 1/2 dropper, 2 x day
  • Children: 1 dropper, 2 x day
  • Adults: 2 droppers, 4 x day

Not for long term use. Not for use during pregnancy or nursing.

Extract of Black Walnut Hull, White Oak Bark, Marshmallow Root, Peppermint, Horsetail, Vegetable Glycerin (palm derived), Purified Water,  and Vodka

Our Dental Repair is made by Joy Durand, a friend and partner of the Kinnard Homestead. Joy is a wife, a mother of eight and an avid student of herbal and natural remedies. Her knowledge is backed up by over 20 years of experimentation and experience, and she has successfully dealt with significant health and physical issues in her family using natural tinctures, herbs, and salves. Her desire is to make available to other families the things that have worked for her and her family. She offers natural products for family and personal health under her Dogwood Herbs brand.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  See our Terms and Conditions.

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