All Natural Products

Note to Customer

It’s important that you know our products are made with all-natural fats and oils.  When shipped or stored in high/low temperatures, they could liquefy or harden.

To reconstitute products containing only oils/fats (i.e. Face Cream, Moisturizer, Nipple Ointment), simply remelt and whisk with a fork or hand mixer to emulsify.  Pour back into container and allow to cool completely.

If products containing other liquids such as magnesium oil have separated, allow to re-harden before pouring off the liquid into a separate container and setting aside.  Melt the solid oils/fats.  Using a hand mixer or stick blender, slowly emulsify the mixture by adding the liquid back into the oils until you reach a nice consistency.  Pour back into the original container and allow to cool completely.

If you have specific questions, please send them to

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