Wild Cherry Cough Syrup

Wild Cherry Bark Cough Syrup

Wild Cherry Cough Syrup


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Wild cherry bark is best known to aid in the healing of respiratory ailments as both an expectorant and cough suppressant.  In addition, it can help to relax the body and calm the nerves and is especially effective when taking at night before bedtime. Our old-fashioned simple syrup is carefully made in small batches over a 6-week long process.  Enjoy our syrup in a bit of water, a cup of hot lemon tea, or straight up by the spoonful.

Directions:  Shake well.  Take one dose 3-4 times daily to give relief from coughs, colds, and bronchitis.

  • Children: 1 tsp. (best diluted in a bit of hot water or tea)
  • Adults: 1 Tbsp

Not for long term use. Do not consume wild cherry bark in large doses.  Please consult a physician before taking wild cherry bark with medications broken down by CYP3A4 enzymes in the liver.

Brandy (Grape), Local Raw Honey (Honeyton Farms, Cabot, AR), Wild Cherry Bark

Our Wild Cherry Cough Syrup is made by Joy Durand, a friend and partner of the Kinnard Homestead. Joy is a wife, a mother of eight and an avid student of herbal and natural remedies. Her knowledge is backed up by over 20 years of experimentation and experience, and she has successfully dealt with significant health and physical issues in her family using natural tinctures, herbs, and salves. Her desire is to make available to other families the things that have worked for her and her family. She offers natural products for family and personal health under her Dogwood Herbs brand.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  See our Terms and Conditions.

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