Gardener’s Friend Hand Set

Gardener’s Friend Hand Set


The Gardener’s Friend Hand Set is a 2-step clean and repair process for tending to your hands after spending all day in the garden.  The Cleansing Scrub is used to remove stubborn dirt that tends to permeate your hands’ pores and crevices while the Hand Repair Cream works to repair and nourish your skin with its deep, moisturizing formula.  We recommend using the Cleansing Scrub when you go to wash your hands after working, and to apply the Hand Repair Cream before bed and use the benefit of sleep-time to allow it to fully absorb.
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About Production

Our Gardener’s Friend Hand Set is made by Lindsey Mashon, a friend and partner of the Kinnard Homestead.  Lindsey is a wife, a mother of two, and has certifications in both Nutritional Counseling and Family Herbalism. She has a passion for educating others in simplifying health for themselves and their families, and she offers products under her Heirloom Health brand that are made from natural ingredients and promote a lifestyle that minimizes toxicity.

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Weight 3 oz

Combined-Set, Cleansing-Scrub, Hand-Repair-Cream

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