Coconut Oil

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There are many types of coconut oils you can use for different purposes such as medicinal, food and beauty.  Depending on what you are using the oil for can determine the price and quality of the oil.

We use the Snappy Popcorn Oil for cooking to avoid using vegetable, canola and olive oils.  Even though it isn’t the higher-grade coconut oil, it still has all the same health properties as its competitors.  For just under $20 you get a gallon of coconut oil that is amazing for frying foods because it has NO coconut taste.  User Tip: For a more convenient way of storing, heat your oven and place the jug on the top of the warm stove.  As the oil begins to liquify, pour it into a wide-mouth gallon container (i.e. ice cream bucket w/ lid).

For those needing a more unrefined coconut oil, Carrington Farms carries a good option.  This particular oil is great to use in your Bulletproof Coffee and homemade toothpastes.

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