Longevity Spinach Plant

Longevity Spinach Plant


Longevity Spinach is the ultimate windowsill super food! This easy to grow, nutrient dense plant from Southeast Asia will provide you with an abundance of nutritious leafy greens all year long. Grow it as an annual in your vegetable garden or keep it on a windowsill for a continuous harvest of all the stir fry greens you could ever need.


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About Production

Our Longevity Spinach is grown with the help of our son “I” (abbreviated for privacy reasons) who lends a hand in the propagation, watering, and pruning of the plants.  Whenever a plant is sold, “I” then helps to re-pot the plant from its starting nursery container to a more sturdy delivery container.


About The Product

  • Latin Name: Gynura procumbens
  • Site and Soil: This green grows well in sun or shade but semi-shade is preferred
  • Hardiness: This plant can tolerate a light frost and grow back from the roots but should be grown indoors in areas that receive freezing temperatures
  • Bearing Age: Immediately
  • Size at Maturity: Overall plant height is usually less than a foot, but the width can be several feet if allowed to grow unchecked. Prostrate stems root as they grow along the surface of the ground making this an excellent edible groundcover. Growth can be kept in bounds by frequent harvest of the longest stems.
  • USDA Zone:  It is recommended for USDA Zones 9-11, but can be grown as an annual in colder locations.
  • Cooking Uses:  The leaves and young stems can be eaten raw or cooked. This is an excellent salad green, or use the leaves on sandwiches in place of lettuce. Stems can be chopped in soups, stews, or vegetable medleys in the same way you would use celery. Leaves hold their texture well when cooked, making this a good choice for those who don’t like the mucilaginous texture of many other cooked greens.
  • Medicinal Uses:  Many healthful claims have been made for this vegetable and it has been used in folk medicine for generations to treat inflammation, rheumatism and viral infections. Scientific studies have shown strong anti-inflammatory action and an ability to reduce type 2 diabetes.