Farm Fresh Eggs (Per Dozen)


Farm Fresh Eggs (Per Dozen)


By far our biggest selling (and fastest selling-out) item, our Farm Fresh Eggs are enjoyed by a repeat line of first-come-first-serve customers for their pasture-raised quality and competitive pricing.  Though supplies go fast, we encourage interested buyers to let us know about their desired orders so we can plan accordingly for future growth.  If supplies are sold out, but you are interested in becoming one of our repeat customers, e-mail us at

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    About Production

    Our Farm Fresh Eggs are produced with the help of our son “E” (abbreviated for privacy reasons) who helps handle the feeding, watering, and general safety of our flocks of chickens.  He also helps (or recruits the “hired help” of his siblings) with the collection of eggs.  Whenever eggs are sold, “E” then helps inspect and package egg orders for distribution.


    About The Product

    All of our egg-laying chickens at the Kinnard Family Homestead are raised in their own large fenced-in pasture paddock where they are free to range, scratch, and forage to their heart’s content.  As a feed supplement, we give them clean, whole and cracked grains, together with crushed calcium-rich oyster shell to promote stronger eggshells.  The hens also enjoy plenty of produce and herb scraps straight from our family’s kitchen.

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